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We offer high quality Hemp Flower, CBD, Extracts, Oils, Lotions, KAVA, Kratom, and Mushrooms. 

Natural Life Henderson/Las Vegas is an immigrant and woman owned and operated business. The owner immigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1996 and became a U.S. citizen in 2013.

Our Henderson, NV location provides us with the opportunity to do what we love: enrich the lives of our customers throughout the United States by offering our high-quality CBD products. You already trust the brand, and now, it’s even more convenient to access.

At Natural Life we understand what makes the city of Las Vegas so special. This growing city stands rooted in traditions of the past, while still innovating and looking toward the future. People support each other, value hard work, and understand what true community looks like. We at Natural Life share those values – it’s what energizes us every day!

Anja Wenzel

Owner Manager

The store owner was introduced to natural wellness alternatives early on in life by her mother, who was a strong believer in the power of natural health. Over the years she has always turned to natural alternatives for her own well-being and after she had to leave her travel-industry career behind due to Covid, she had the opportunity to gain some experience in the cannabis industry, learning all about the potential medicinal benefits of the plant. When the opportunity presented itself to open a Natural Life Franchise store and being able to bring natural health & wellness alternatives to the Henderson and Las Vegas community she did not hesitate. She enjoys the interaction with the customers through education and transparency, serving the community’s need for all-natural remedies and the biggest reward is when customers return to let her know that the products obtained from Natural Life made a difference in their life and their overall well-being. She is determined to make Natural Life a household name in her community by adding more stores in the future.