The Natural Life Way

The essence of our brand is supporting your journey to a full, healthy life. With Natural Life’s team of natural wellness experts beside you, a better way of life is possible. We provide high-quality natural supplements and wellness products that offer alternative solutions to many common ailments such as pain, arthritis, anxiety, and stress. Some of the natural wellness products available are Hemp Flower, CBD, D8-THC, Extracts, Oils, Lotions, Kava, Kratom, Mushrooms, and more.

Natural Life is a place where good health happens. We are highly trained problem solvers. So, no matter what illness or ailment brings you to a Natural Life store, we’re ready to help.

Our holistic, transparent approach to wellness comes from a deep understanding of how proper use of natural elements can help you conquer your wellness challenges. From muscle aches to anxiety to substance dependency, all our products are third-party tested by a state-approved labs to ensure we carry a full spectrum of the most honest, helpful natural solutions on the market.

Thanks to Natural Life you may be able to enjoy restful nights and ache free days again.

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Natural Life’s Roots

Founded in Tallahassee by Owner and CEO Gabriel Suarez, Natural Life was created to be a home away from home for those in need of physical, mental, or social health support. After seeing his brother struggle with Juvenile Arthritis, Gabriel decided to take his interest in natural wellness from hobby to history-in-the-making by helping as many people as he can.

“My youngest brother felt like he hit the ‘unlucky lottery’ when he was born with Juvenile Arthritis. It’s a rare, incurable disease that made common activities, like walking to the school bus or playing sports, nearly impossible for him.

Our family tried everything we could think of to help – we saw countless specialists and even traveled to the nation’s top treatment centers – but no one could provide a solution that wasn’t temporary or didn’t result in negative side effects like upset stomach and sun sensitivity.

Luckily, around the same time his Juvenile Arthritis got bad, I was introduced to CBD. I insisted he try it… and I’m glad I did. Within just a few months, we both noticed a huge difference in his level of discomfort. It’s been eight years since he first tried CBD and we’re happy to say he was able to stop taking certain medications and finally start feeling better.”

After witnessing the impact CBD can make firsthand, Gabriel started using his years of experience in retail to bring trusted knowledge and convenient access to natural products to those in need. What started as a personal interest in CBD quickly evolved into a professional focus on full-service natural wellness, and Gabriel’s not stopping there.

Our Core Values

Wellness Begins Here with Natural Life

Thanks for learning more about Natural Life! We are a big symbiotic family of owners, managers, employees, associates, and most importantly our customers. We are available daily and happy to help. Please visit one of our stores, call us or send an email if you have a question or need guidance. Our stores open every day 9-9 EST, 7 days a week (except on major holidays). Please visit our website for store specific hours at Our online Superstore monitors email and orders 24×7 and you can also email or call during its office hours M-F between 9-5 EST.